Enhanced Automotive's Chevy Luv

So with the Porsche build completely blowing out from our original plans, we decided to try and find another car that we can have some fun with but that didnt require too much work. Brad came across this beauty on his facebook, and instantly we decided to grab it while we could as Chevy Luv utes are quite rare.


Now, Brad was told he wasnt allowed to go crazy with this car (at this stage), get an engine in it, just get it up and running, get it engineered, so he can have a car that we can take to the drags and have some fun with it, as well as take it on cruises etc.


So, again, the engineeering process has begun. Starting with the engineer Sot coming out to go over the car and start the paperwork for Regency.


Regency have approved the work that Brad requested, which is pretty much identical to what the Porsche WAS going to be, LS engine equipped with Twin Turbo system.


This build will begin before any further work is carried out on the Porsche. So I will keep this one updated as soon as Brad starts building it.