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Enhanced Automotive's VY Drag Ute

Enhanced Automotive Wins Super Sedan, 2 in a row.


​Brad wins Super Sedan Slamfest at Mildura, with the VY SS Ute running a 2 stage NOS System, setting a new personal best 60ft of 1.4 and covering the 1/8 in 6.3 seconds, all from the std manual driveline that comes out in your V Series Commodores.

Brad wins Super Sedan Tri-Series in the LS7 427 VY SS Manual M6 Ute held at Mildura. This was the first meeting running the new combination, a race winning combination. 

Enhanced Drag Ute 2.jpg
Enhanced Drag Ute 3.jpg
Enhanced Drag Ute.jpg
Jason wins SA Street Challenge again.

Well done to Jason for taking the VX SS to victory lane once again, with consecutive round wins and overall series wins, season after season, Jason has proven to have the winning combination.​

2011/2012 Winner Rounds 2&4, Overall Series Winner

2010/2011 Winner Rounds 1&3, Overall Runner Up

2009/2010 Winner Rounds 2&4, Overall Series Winner

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Jas's Car 3.jpg
Jas's Car.jpg