Altered gets 'Enhanced' and renamed Cursed


For those that dont know, Altered was Scott Hutchesson's VX SS that made Summernats Elite #24.

This year, after Scotty got the bad news about Rattler, he decided to purchase Altered and was originally renamed Pro410.



She certainly looked the goods from the photos Scotty was sent from the pervious owner.

(The interior was done by Matty Gilkes from Inside Rides)

When Pro410 was purchased by Scotty, we were not aware that the very man that had butchered Rattler, had also had his hands on Altered, although it became apparent at first sight.


I dont even know where to start on the problems that we found with her. And as we kept removing more parts from her, we found even more problems.


One of the first problems that was easiest to see was that the diff was completely bent. Now remembering that Altered was a 'Push in/Push Out' entrant to summernats, and that we are turning it into an engineered Street Driven Show Car for Scotty, everything has to be in perfect working order and able to pass Northern Territory road rules. A bent diff just isnt going to be acceptable.


Seeing the diff bent, made us wonder what more surprises we would find......


On first inspectaion of the car we noticed no working brakes, no handbrake, there had been a battery in the front seat foot well, that had been stolen by the time the car arrived to us, but the acid that had spilled from the battery was all over the gorgeous interior and made it apparent that a battery had been placed straight onto the leather interior. The battery was being used to pump up the Air Bag suspension as it kept going down during transit.


When we popped the boot, we were greeted with the foul stench of mould.... It almost made me gag, sure enough the boot has been leaking from the modified fuel filler cap, that has been relocated to the boot seal area. We then removed all the subs and amps and found huge amounts of mould on all the timber frames.


The Surge tank had been installed upside down and back to front, and it also appears that mid way through the previous build, after they had removed the bottom of the boot, they changed their minds and replaced the boot with a piece of sheet metal.



Pictured to the left is the old and new brackets for the Air Bag Suspension. The top is the old bracket, they were made from steel and had started to rust, the welding on them was also very dodgy, these 2 reason are why the car couldnt maintain the air pressure in the suspension and stay at a reasonable height during transit.


The bottom picture is the new brackets Brad has made, from Billet Alloy.

More problems became apparent when Pro410 was hoisted into the air:


  • Brakes were only tack welded on....

  • Front brakes were fitted to the rear, and rear brakes were fitted to the fronts.....

  • V8 Air Jacks were only spot welded on.....

  • K- Frame had rust in it....

  • ECU & Fuse Box were mounted under the front right hand guard, and the front tyre had been rubbing on them....




Scotty was told at the time of purchase that all he simply had to do was drop his engine and trans into her and off he went..... Unfortunatley, this wasnt the case..... More problems became apparent once Brad dropped the engine in.....



The bonnet didnt fit... the supercharger was hitting the bonnet???? Why? Because the cross member had been modified, resulting in the engine sitting 40mm higher than standard.

While all these problems were showing themselves, the interior still looked the goods..... But what we were about to find once the interior was removed, was just another blow to Scotty....


The fuel lines that were running from the fuel system in the boot through the car simply stopped under the back seat.....


It would seem that they 'forgot' to even bolt in the Roll Cage, and just simply wedged it in place behind the back seats, between the pillars.


Once we had removed the entire dash, we noticed the wiring loom had been cut out of the dash, there were no wires to the air-conditioner (which of course is a must for a daily driven car in NT), there was no wires for the power windows. Any wire that I found, was either cut or just didnt seem to go to anything.


The seatbelts have been totally removed from the vehicle and 5 point harness installed. An obvious prerequisite of NT government, is that the vehicle has all retractable seatbelts installed. 

So now to the exciting bit..... Pro410 gets 'Enhanced'



With the news of the bent diff, what better way to fix the problem, then put in a new 9" diff with 4 link rear end?

I mean, if your going to do it, might as well do a proper job of it yeah?

The inital stages of the 9" and 4 link rear being fitted to Pro410

So now that the cross member has been modified by Brad to try and clear the bonnet, and the engine and trans is in her... lets talk about the engine...


It is a 410ci powered by a 3.3L Whipple Supercharger.... Nice.. cant wait to hear that screaming on the dyno!


Brad has made a custom Gilmer drive Pulley set for her, and has just finished dummy assembling it.. check out the photos below... 

As the engine bay is so clean, we are going to run with a wireless engine bay....





Few extra things that Pro410 is getting fitted to her:


With all the power of a 410ci and Whipple, we are going to need some decent brakes to haul her up.... So we are fitting these bad boys...

(photo to the right, just mind Scotty's foot.. lol)


Rear brakes are 380mm, Front brakes are 410mm 8 spot calipers... And to get these baby's on her, Brad has had to slightly machine the inside of both front and rear rims, so they fit!

Originally Rattler's Rims, these 20x10 rear & 20x8.5 front Foose F201 Nitrous II have now been given to Pro410, and man, do they look sweet on her....

I will continue to update this page as the build continues, so keep an eye on this page or follow us on facebook ......

Few random photos of her....

Pro410 leaving Auto Transformers after the bonnet has been colour matched and measured up for the buldge to be increased as the supercharger is still hitting it.

Random photo of her after Auto Transformers gave her a polish.

Brad used a bottle to act as the dimensions of the pulley system, thats what you can see protruding from the supercharger.

Random photo of the rear quarter...

Update - July 2017

Easily the most problematic car we have ever had in this workshop and so much blood, sweat and tears, Pro410, now re named 'Cursed' accordingly has left the workshop and is on her way to her extremely excited owners Scotty in Darwin.

It's been a very long road, taking 1 step forward only to go 2 steps back with finding problem after problem. But Brad and Scotty persisted, and the outcome is something that Brad, Scotty and myself are extremely proud of.

There is nothing left on this car that hasn't had to be replaced, repaired or modified to get it to where it is today, nothing, and I'm not even over exaggerating.

Emotional day for all those involved, Scotty excited to be getting his car and Brad can't wipe the smile off his face to see it finally finished, problem free and out of the workshop.

We feel so much pride having this girl in the Enhanced Stable.


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