Rattler in her day, was such a beautiful car, however, she came all the way from the Northern Territory to us after she had been butchered by another performance workshop.


It was a shock to both Brad and myself when she arrived at the workshop, she had certainly seen better days.


Brad had a good look over her, then Scotty made the trip down to Adelaide to sit down and discuss with Brad his findings, and how best to get her back to her glory days.



It is with a heavy heart we tell you, she was too far gone to become what she was, a beautiful Street Driven Show Car. Too much money would have needed to be spent to get her to being streetable again.


Rattler has since left the workshop, and has been taken back home, and now has been sold to someone else as a project car.

But her 'heart' will beat on in Scotty's new car PRO410