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Enhanced Automotive is your ONE STOP SHOP for all your performance modifications, we do everything in-house and we offer all performance modifications, general services & repairs basically we can do everything besides paint/panel repair and Interior.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with quailty workmanship, and we strongly believe in

'do the job once, and do it right'.


Services we offer for your pride and joy include:

Performance Tuning
Custom Modifications
High Performance Street Car
Chevy Camaro Aftermarket Modifications

LS Gilmer Kits:

  • Naturally Aspirated Gilmer Kits to suit LS engines

  • Supercharged Gilmer Kits to suit LS engines


Performance Tuning

  • Mafless Dyno Tuning

  • Maf Dyno Tuning


Forced Induction Packages:

  • Custom Turbo Kits

  • Custom Supercharger Kits

  • Nitrous Oxide Systems


Camshaft Packages


Cam & Head Packages


Cylinder Head Packages


Stroker Engine Builds


Race Engines


Billet Engine Blocks


Billet Heads


Street Car Engineering


Fuel Systems


Clutch Kits


Manual & Automatic Transmission rebuilds & upgrades


Suspension Packages


Custom Exhaust Systems


Brake Upgrade Packages


Differential Rebuilds & Upgrades


Full Chassis Builds (Roll Cages etc)

Full Log Book Servicing and Maintenance to all vehicle makes and models



Aftermarket Modifications
Engineered Street Car
Supercharged Foreced Induction Commodore HSV Clubsport
Billet Aftermarket car Parts
Track Car
Modified Performance Cars
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