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Australia's leading A90 Supra Specialists.

Toyota A90/A91 Supra Aftermarket Performance Parts
Toyota Supra A90 Aftermarket Modifcations
A90 Supra Tuning

Do you want more from your MK5 Supra?

Here at Enhanced Automotive, we have done extensive testing on after market modifications to our own Toyota A90 Supra. From Roll Racing on a monthly basis, to Adelaide Rally and even Collingrove Hillclimb. We have put the Supra through its passes while we were developing it.


Together using the state of art tuning software ECUTEK, and the world leading dyno brand Mainline, we can extract amazing results from your A90 Supra.

Our packages listed below, have all been tried, tested and proven in various events and conditions.

Toyota Supra Packages available:


Stage 1: - 30% gain (218rwkw to 278rwkw)

  • Dyno tune


Stage 2: - 60% gain (218rwkw - 350rwkw)

  • Stage 1 Included,

  • Air intake,

  • Dump pipe,

  • Exhaust System,

  • Water Methanol Injection


Stage 3 - 150% gain (218rwkw to 540rwkw)

  • Stage 2 Included,

  • Upgrade to bigger turbo,

  • Steam pipe custom exhaust manifold,

  • External waste gate electronically controlled 


Stage 4 - 195% gain (218rwkw to 642rwkw)

  • Stage 3 Included

  • Twin stage nitrous oxide system

Not only can we provide the above performance packages, we are also extending our billet range with parts specifically designed for the MK5/A90/A91 Supra.

With more parts being designed, tested and manufactured daily check back regularly to keep up to date with all the latest products.

A90 Supra Transmission Pan
A90 Supra Tailshaft Loop
Supras Performance Transmission Pan
A90 Supra Port Injection

Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

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