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Australia's most powerful
Toyota Supra A90 MK5

In July 2020, Brad and I decided to purchase and start developing a Toyota Supra A90 GR GTS


Instantly we feel in love with the car, even as a factory stock vehicle, it was fast, sharp, extremely light and agile. But knowing it was only a matter of time before we started to play with it and begin some bolt on modifications we put the A90 on the dyno to see what the base line power output was out of the straight 6, B58 engine.

Porsche Dyno Run.jpg

Knowing the base line power figure helps us see how much gain we make after each modification.


Firstly, we started with just Stage 1, left it strapped on the dyno and started tuning. We were pleased with a 30% gain over stock from a tune only.

Next came Stage 2, air intake, dump pipe, exhaust system and Water Methanol Injection. We were quite surprised at a 60% power gain over stock, and just how well the B58 engine responded to the new modifications, especially the water/meth injection.

Next was time for a turbo upgrade, Stage 3 included: Upgrade to bigger turbo, steam pipe custom exhaust manifold and an external waste gate which is electronically controlled. While still maintaining the factory ECU, the results were impressive. A 150% power gain, getting a dyno result of 540rwkw.

Still living by our motto 'pushing the limits in the performance industry' Brad then decided to really see what the A90 MK5 Supra drive train can handle. A twin stage Nitrous Oxide System was fitted to our Supra with 3 NOS bottles in the boot. We were ecstatic with the result of the 642rwkw. A 195% gain over a stock factory Toyota Supra.

Supra NOS

With this current setup, Brad has put the car through its paces at many different events, from roll racing, hill climbs events, Adelaide Rally and drag racing. Brad would like to extract more power while still utilizing the factory ECU's, and is currently developing new products to be able to achieve this as he has now maxed the fuel supply to the engine with the current setup.

It hasn’t been all smooth sailing with developing the Supra. We have found small factory problems that needed to be rectified to maintain the factory drive train with the power and torque we are producing. One of the first problems we noticed was the transmission was not really enjoying the higher temperatures it was seeing, especially when going for 6th gear at 215kmph. Brad having 25+ years experience as a mechanic quickly came to the conclusion that there was just simply not enough oil for the trans and decided to design, draw and manufacture an upgrade to the standard A90 transmission pan, our custom made trans pans allow for a much higher capacity in fluid volume. This helps to reduce fluid temperatures from getting high when putting the Supra through its paces and eliminating any damage to the trans by the oil becoming too hot and thin.


Another problem we found was after giving the car a bit of a hard time, the diff would begin to leak. Diff leak in the A90 is something BMW and Toyota have not got a fix for. Due to the diff working harder, the diff oil heats up, expanding the oil, and with nowhere to go, the pressure has to be released, the oil is then forced out of the seals. The A90 Supras do not have a diff breather fitted from factory, so in order to keep the diff lubricated and the oil in the diff and not on the driveway, Brad has manufactured a Diff Breather Kit especially designed to eliminate this problem.

Supra diff breather

Next issue we heard through the A90 Supra community was the tail shafts being a weak point in the drive train. So, with prevention better than cure in the forefront of our minds, Brad designed and manufactured a tail shaft loop that is easily installed using the factory previsions.


Brad will continue to develop the Supra and fix any factory issues that may arise but over all we could not be happier that we picked the A90 as our development car.

Toyota Supra A90.jpg
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